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Ya always sucks when you hear these horror stories from artists to us fans. One of the many reasons I prefer just doing con sketches at show. Sure I may set things up prior but I still rather do at show.

Now sure this year with no cons I have been stuck doing mail out. But so far artists and I been in contact good I got progress pics and things been mail back safely in comic shipper or in case of a 9x12 piece I got it was packed very well.  Plus also always good to know if person been a problem with folks or what not.

Longest I waited on a piece was about 8 to 9 months. But I was in contact with artist fairly regularly. Plus he had variety of real life problems come up. Then me and him had trouble working on meeting up for piece as I didn't want to have it mail but I did get piece.

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1 hour ago, Webhead2018 said:

Pencils prelim shredder with green ranger powers from Dean Kotz. Just waiting for him to finish inking it and send it back to me.



Finished inks


That is pretty awesome brother 

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On 9/17/2020 at 2:46 AM, Brooklynmet said:

Well there is a bit of a language barrier With him being from Italy but he gives me the price upfront.  The price usually includes the book, art and shipping.  I’m not mailing him the book.  I once mailed a book to Tom Grummett in Canada and it took over a month. Not his fault but frustrating 

I'm not saying I know exactly what's happening here... but if I want a sketch on a particular blank book, especially someone in a different country, I almost NEVER expect them to provide the book.  Add on top of the fact that Europe and Asia don't get a lot of the blank covers we get here in North America, mailing something to the artist is a totally fair request by the artist.  Also, having to wait "a month" for mailing to a foreign country isn't something people should complain about.  It's customs, postal efficiency, and a myriad of other things that can delay a package.  A month is definitely a little long, but I've seen too many collectors lately state that "artists should be able to turn out their commissions in 2-3 weeks" like artists only take one commission at a time.  1-2 months for lesser known artists, 3-6 months is ore typical, 6-12 months for bigger name artists, and 2-3 years for "the legends" sorta speak.  I'm sure A-donis and some of the more seasoned vets can attest to how long some commissions may take.  Anyhow... I'm probably breaking a rule by posting this.  So I should probably stop here.  I'll probably wake up and delete this.

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8 minutes ago, cgcsketcherz said:

Not a book but homage to Spiderman #294 Kraven's Last Hunt.

Greg Woronchak 11 x 17 sketch Scooby Doo as Kraven, spiderman on the ceiling and hunting trophies gator ghoul and tar monster.

Signed and thumbs up sketch by Michael Zeck, and colored by Steve Lydic.

Very happy that cgc is grading prints now, since it allows for bigger paper sketches to be sealed!

Original rough sketch at bottom.

Thanks to @Par2ch for helping with this.






That's just awesome! :x

super cool!

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