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15 hours ago, Parabellum said:

I don’t know how you keep getting Mike Zeck to draw you stuff.  That’s awesome!  

I was just happy I got to talk to him once for ten minutes cause no one was at his booth, lol.

It's a benefit that we still talk regularly each week after 35 years of being friends :)  and being his #1 fan!  Mike's always been great with fans and very humble.  I'm glad he got out for the last few years to do shows and let people get to know him a little better.

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20 hours ago, Parabellum said:

If you’re #1 I’m #2, 🤣.  His work was always my favorite.  I really enjoyed talking to him about the limited series covers.  I had mentioned how much I liked the accuracy of the weapons he drew, they weren’t  some made up contraption.  I feel lucky I got one of the 1986 limited series ad posters with sig and remark from him.  At some point I’m going to frame this and surround it with limited series books (signature series, CPV’s, newsstands and directs).  


Cool -  Yeah, I had Mike remarque all those posters so we could sell them to fans.  Please do get it framed.  I had found a cache of posters from the printers and figured getting Mike to draw head sketches on them would be extra special (and it was).  I guess I should have kept one for myself.  D'oh!

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47 minutes ago, ganni said:



I believe his intelligence was maybe around 2 in the 70s, way higher nowadays.

His stamina and agility should be higher also , nobody recovers from wounds and serious beatings (without superpowers) quite as fast as Frank  —

Heck death can’t even keep him down  😆


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1 hour ago, nepatkm said:

Upgraded the Punisher #88  :banana:

7 left to get in CGC 9.8 (3 to have the set CGC graded, #57 photo cover variant, #78,#84) :wishluck:


Finally!  Congrats brother!

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