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6 hours ago, masterlogan2000 said:

Also, can you imagine the premium this book would command these days?  This would be another Rifleman #10 or Alf #48.

I was aware of the Alf cover but not the Rifleman.......Then I went to google images and I laughed til my face hurt. I have to own this. How did this slip by me?!?! 

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2 hours ago, Lazyboy said:

Would it really? Then shouldn't Lobo #1 be a huge book?

The Lobo book showcases what I imagine would be a belt buckle.  Provocative, sure... but...

The UPC placement of this ROM book leaves even more to the imagination.  What is that UPC code hiding?  Why did someone place it right there?  Do Cyborgs even have anything to hide?


That sort of mystery would be the whole allure to a book like that.

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11 hours ago, Hey Kids, Comics! said:

Y'all are talking about Lobo 1 and not THIS one?!? And it's real, unlike that Rom Annual 2.

That's something blatant (but not explicit) on a Mature Readers book, not something subtle or suggestive on a book for general audiences.

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1 hour ago, JazzMan said:


They had a sense of humour, the artist :bigsmile:

44 minutes ago, Conacon said:

This one is on the back. I'm sure that happens sometime, but this is the only issue I have like that. 



A UPC would ruin that wouldn't it. I wonder why that never occurred to anyone from the off - put them on the back. Probably so as not to muck up the ads, as someone I think already suggested

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