Dr.X's Christmas Contest 2020 is in motion?
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6 minutes ago, KirbyJack said:
9 hours ago, Wolverinex said:

That's cold, Lizards

I believe the term is ectothermic.

Is that short for Shiver me Timbers, and Batten Down the Hatches? We've got the Christmas Eggnog! Keep that train a rollin' :x 

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Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun this year. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, but lets not forget those not as fortunate, and our military people who are deployed who could not be with their families. God protect them for us.

Anyway, had a great weekend and did quite a bit of riding with the red headed terror. Temps were about 25 yesterday but no wind, so we leathererd up and hit the road.

I hope to have the winner of the raffle prize up next Sat. I have everyone's name on a folded piece of backer board that entered the contest, and ready to go.

I shot this video Sat night. One of the best Christmas displays in my area, and a tourist attraction for sure. I did a brief walk around for you dorks as we were out prowling around. LOL. Check it out if you have few minutes, and there might be a swear word in there so report me if you have to. LOL. Enjoy.


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