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My 1st new art day in a long time.

I am really digging Peter David's version of untold tales of Spider-Man that takes place during the symbiote era before Venom showed up.  This page shows the 2nd image of Dr Hobgoblin when Peter shows up in an alternate reality.







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On 9/30/2020 at 10:31 PM, BuraddoRun said:

I got 3 pages from Power Pack drawn by June Brigman and inked by Bob Wiacek in today! I've been looking for Brigman Power Pack pages ever since I made my first post here, which was in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum and was a "will buy" for just that. I had no luck until I found a CAF member who generously sold these to me. I'm very grateful he did so, because I really love the series and Brigman's art. The pages are pretty funny, too, if you feel like reading them (the 2nd and 3rd, anyway).

Those are some very nice classic Power Pack pages, B-run!  I am especially digging the Beta Ray Bill!

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I uploaded to CAF another page from the original Fury miniseries by Garth Ennis and Dark Robertson

CAF Link

It was such a fun read, and maybe it was my youth, but I wasn't used to seeing comics showing people getting hit right in the nuts before :nyah:

Thanks for looking


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6 hours ago, jick said:

Since I already had a running Batman, I thought why not a Superman Breaking Chains. Next month will mark exactly 50 years since Superman 233 hit the newsstands. Neal is still going strong and drawing 50 years later. He is truly a machine!

Here's the thumbnail. The link to the CAF page has additional images and a more detailed story on how this came about:



That's a sweet angle! Cool!

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17 minutes ago, dirtymartini1 said:

I'll see your undesirable head shot and raise you 1 intimidating helmet shot! Either way, nothing can stop it from getting framed and put on the wall!

Cain Marko doing his best Tony Montana impression.

art by the Fabulous Frenz, ink by Joltin Joe



That's almost eerie looking, good on sinnot for finishing well!

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