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I personally don't own any SS slabs, but I wanted to share some of my favorite autographed books with everyone here (hopefully thats not frowned upon). These first two I would consider acquired signature grails of mine, there's not many more signatures i feel like I need in my collection after these two. The first is Marvels #1 signed by Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek, COA by Dynamite Forces and  serial #d 479/2500. Alex Ross was one of my favorites as a kid. I don't know how many hours I spent flipping through the pages of Marvels and Kingdom Come as a child in absolute awe over his work. 



This 2nd book is a Clayface 1-Shot drawn by Kelley Jones with a big, beautiful sig of his on the front cover. Jones was also one of my favorite artists when I was younger. I grew up on his Batman run and when I was a little older (10-13) I was obsessed with his horror stuff (the Batman Vampire trilogy, The Hammer, Deadman, Aliens: Hive), pretty much anything gory he did I consumed. I think his style really shaped my taste in horror overall. I've got a few more books to share but I think ill keep it to these two for now. Thanks for looking and hopefully you enjoyed them as much as I do.


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