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Received back a modern batch of 25 pre-screens I sent in August.

These were not all prescreened for 9.8; some were 9.6, and a couple were 9.4.

Needless to say, considering I was not aiming for all 9.8s I was surprised by the results. I think I had as many Rejected this time as my last "full" 9.8 submission.

Tight, inconsistent, whatever; I don't agree with the grades I received. Many comics, to me, seem to be downgraded one step, so 9.8s are now 9.6s.

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I'm pretty happy with the 9.4 on my Echo Echo, which I talked about more over in Modern, but which I wanted to feature here too because it's a cool book. The weird, weird cover material on this one combined with the nonstandard binding are just really brutal for keeping it in 9.6+. And there really weren't very many copies to begin with! I've held two copies, and mine is by far the nicest despite getting shipped across the Atlantic in, shall we say, insufficient packaging. Lucky little book, this one is. But now it's graded, and safe in my collection forever.

I'm ... somewhat less happy with how I finished off* my registry run of Babylon 5 (yeah, I know... because I wanted to, okay). In particular, when I was sorting through my various boxed and/or piled candidate stacks before sending this last shipment off, I managed to swap my undercopy of In Valen's Name #1 for the good copy of that book. Not quite sure how I managed that, but I knew the result wasn't going to be pretty. Now I'm the "proud" owner of the worst-in-census copy (by two grades, at 8.5!) of a book that no one else cares about even in grade! Go Team Me! :facepalm:

*Because the registry doesn't currently include Babylon 5: The Lost Tales... because there are no graded copies. And there are no graded copies because I still don't have one (see my purchase thread). At some point, someone is going to cough one of these up to me, surely.


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On 10/30/2020 at 4:37 PM, The Mad Irishman said:

Bought this as a 1.0 from Lone Star - I know they’re strict graders so I’m very pleasantly surprised with the grade!



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