This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!
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1 hour ago, OtherEric said:

Two pickups at a local store today.  I’m not 100% sure what people consider the line between bronze & copper but I always consider the “Marvel Comics Group” banner as bronze:



Love'em! Glad the LCS is up and running and you were able to make it out :)

Good times, those are fun days we remember  :headbang:


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Great DC Presents Jimbo! I was "sorting out " my 6+ short boxes of the last year or so or buys and found my 2 copies..My little boy loves Teen Titans and Hulk/Skaar! As I said I've bought alot of books(if you ask my wife :bigsmile:..I wont lie,shes awesome and likes them too!)

I have a 33.3/33.3/33.3 track record with Ebay xD.some SCORES,some what I expected and some total TRASH..

This was the last score I Hulk 181 but .. for $15 SHIPPED?? I love these!! Super NICE!!!



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