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Updated Modern Tier 2/12 - right at 2 months from receipt to ship.

8 Book - Economy with later request to add Fast Track

Received:  12/02. 

SFG:   Sent an email on 12/17 to add Fast Track and was immediately shifted to SFG

Shipped:  12/23


11 Book - Modern

Delivered: 12/02 (best guess - may have been a few days earlier)

Received:  12/14

SFG:       02/03

G/Q:       2//11

Shipped: 2/12


7 Book - Modern Magazine

Delivered: 12/02. (best guess - may have been a few days earlier)

Received:  12/14




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Alright folks I think I am done checking the status of my appears as if we are 60 full calendar days behind any type of scheduling...whatever that translates into business days im not sure...obviously this is frustrating and unacceptable but what can you do in a monopoly..and like someone always pokes in here and says cgc is happy with their business model.  here is my most recent timestamps but i think i am going to move on to buying slabs from trusted people instead of getting the process done myself. will share results when i get these back in may



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23 hours ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Did you write initials on the box for signing?

I have claremont books delivered Feb 2nd that haven't been checked in, that has me forgetting if I wrote initials... :(

Getting a bit worried as deadline to have them in was last Monday

i didn't know to do so til AFTER i had sent them out. So as of yesterday, i received an email stating they have 1 book for fast track modern. so now they do have my books. im wondering what's taking the extra time for them to get my two books shown as received for the signing. i'm sure there's a method to their madness but i'd like to know what is it lol

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There is no such thing as slow track, there is a track considered normal and a fast track.

But now I know why there is a grading back log! :preach:

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On 2/11/2021 at 2:56 PM, skybolt said:

I just want to see someone with a modern slow track submission received by CGC after December 11th, have their books shipped. For instance my 12/11 was shipped back on 1/15, but turnaround times have been stuck since then.

FWIW, Got your wish Skybolt.  

6x Modern Slow Track - no addl services

Delivered: 12/7
Rcvd: 12/15
Charged: 12/16
SFG 2/2
Grading/QC: 2/11
F/I/S: 2/12

Right at 40 business days. But it's still hard to exclude a whole lot of weekends & holidays from the internal clock when you're refreshing every hour. 

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On 2/2/2021 at 11:32 AM, Noah Koessel said:
On 2/2/2021 at 11:10 AM, ADAMANTIUM said:

mechanical error

delivered on 1/28 or close to it

marked received on 2/2

and I forgot to write "ME" for "mechanical error" on the box to opened quickly, still opened pretty quick, I'm glad it's all accounted for; sigh of relief!

I also have a ME sent in that was received 2/1. I’ll update the thread with my progress for ya. 

Hopefully yours shipped! :banana: 

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Modern Slow Track (50 Books)
Delivered 11/24/20
Received 12/07/20
Scheduled for Grading 02/12/21
Grading/QC 02/15/21

Modern Slow Track (50 Books)
Delivered 12/20/20
Received 12/29/20
Scheduled for Grading 02/16/21

Modern Slow Track (50 Books)
Delivered 01/11/21
Received 01/23/21

Modern Slow Track (50 Books)
Delivered 01/25/21
Received 02/08/21

Modern Slow Track (25 Books)
Delivered 01/29/21
Received 02/15/21

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