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Some glad tidings 

Some $10......

Slab to care for and keep tender!

Who is this Vulcan? Character? Creature? Keep it clean Haha

Any feedback appreciated 


2021_01_16 7_19 PM Office Lens.jpg

2021_01_16 7_22 PM Office Lens.jpg

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A little different a lot homage. I understand there to be only 300 of these Vampironica: New Blood #4, Stadium Comics variant cover by Nuno Pereira. It seems as though all 300 are on ebay right now. Cool cover and the obvious homage. The series actually sounds intriguing. Plus Pereira got the leg right. It FEELS right. LOL!



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I love 2nd and Charles. God only knows what you'll find there, and they usually have no idea what they have. Dark Avengers #1 Adi Granov Mid Town variant $5, full run of Spider-Man: Blue $2 each, over half of Matt Fractions Hawkeye run all first prints between $1 and $2, other highlights include a full run of Marvel Knights Inhumans, a couple issues of the 1st Young Avengers series and a couple issues of Amazing Spider-Man to fill in some holes in my Gauntlet run. (Plus their buy 10 get 10 free sale rocks.)




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