ASM Auction 16, 129, 135 / MTU 1, 3, X-men 35 (ENDING @ 3pm Central)
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Hello I have 6 raw books that I am putting up for in one lot Auction.  I will post the list first along with my opening bid.

I cannot do sales to people that have scammed people, so if you are on a list realize you are precluded from purchasing from me.

I accept paypal, the regular form of it, no personal paypal as these are sales. Also can accept Venmo, Money Orders, Bank Certified checks.

Shipping and insurance is $15, books will be shipped US Postal Priority with insurance. NOTE - I can ship to United States addresses, shipping out of the USA is too expensive, sorry.

On CGC slabbed books, you know exactly what you are buying so I cannot accept returns.

On Raw books I will accept a return within 10 days, buyer pays shipping unless I mis-stated something.

If you wish to purchase a book, please post a bid in the thread.  I would prefer this to PMs, and it seems to work best that way as there can be no dispute who purchased the book that way.


I will invoice at end of thread, please pay within 2 days and I will ship promptly.

The books:

ASM 16 - 4.5

ASM 129 - 7.5 ****(STAPLES REPLACED)

ASM 135 - 7.5

MTU 1 - 7.0

MTU 3 - 7.0

X-Men 35 - 4

All Books are resto free and pressing free to my knowlede, but note STAPLES replaced in the ASM 129 because of rust on the original staples.

Opening bis is $5. BIN price is $1000.  Auction ends Monday 3pm central time, no bids will count after this time.

Scans of all books will be posted this afternoon.

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ASM 16, well read, mostly white, I had sold this before as a 5.0 but I missed that the CF is detached at one staple.  I messed up and took the book back and paid return shipping.  I am dropping the book to a 4.5 to account for the cf being detached at one staple.



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ASM 129 OW to W, STAPLES REPLACED I know this because I replaced them years ago, using staples from a 20 cent Marvel Spotlight, staples had rust on them and it was going to stain the book more and more, CGC would mostly likely catch the replacement (don't expect it to come back universal), book clearly absorbed some humidity somewhere, I do not see moisture tides anywhere, you can just feel it in the cover a slight rippling, book would greatly benefit from a press, also looks like it was read once with a spine roll. At the CF you can see a shadow around the staple area from where the rust was starting to stain the paper



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