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Bought a nice X-Men 96 from JP and it arrived very quickly and under graded (to me). Couldn't be happier with the purchase and will buy from him again in a second.

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Great recent transaction with JP on 2 big Spidey books.  Great communication, lightning fast shipping and packaged to withstand anything the USPS could throw at it.  

Smooth as silk.  Wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.

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No transaction here but huge shout out to JP.

Living in Canada has certain disadvantages with regards to having bigger ticket items shipped up here from the USA - mainly high shipping costs and duty and taxes.

I had a few things bought and JP allowed me to ship them to him.

He was planning on vacationing in Canada this summer and brought them with him and shipped them to me when he got into Canada saving me a lot of money.

To take his time and make the effort was really touching.

It's things like this that make board life so enjoyable.

You meet so many generous people who become friends.

While JP and I have never met (yet), we regularly PM and text and developed a real friendship.

JP is a really classy guy :foryou:

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Done a few deals with him, including for high dollar books, and each goes smooth as silk.  Super nice guy too with perhaps the best profile pic on the boards!! (thumbsu

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