CGC Trading Cards is a new division of Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), the third-party grading service that revolutionized comic book collecting with accurate and impartial grading and state-of-the-art protective holders. Now, CGC brings the same expertise, integrity and passion to the world of trading cards.

Pokemon Trading Card in a CGC Holder
Magic: The Gathering card in a CGC Holder

Why CGC Trading Cards?

The popularity of trading cards has grown significantly since the release of Magic: The Gathering in 1993 and Pokémon TCG in 1996. With prices for many early and rare cards increasing substantially in recent years, trading card collectors want to be completely confident that their cards are genuine, accurately graded and preserved.

CGC Trading Cards provides this confidence through its expert and impartial authentication, grading and encapsulation services for virtually all Pokémon TCG and Magic: The Gathering cards.

CGC Trading Cards has assembled a team of expert trading card graders who, as collectors and players themselves, care deeply about providing comprehensive certification services that benefit the hobby. To ensure impartiality, CGC Trading Cards graders are prohibited from buying and selling collectibles commercially.

After a trading card has been authenticated and graded by CGC Trading Cards, it is encapsulated in the CGC Trading Cards holder, which provides the best in protection and display while being portable and easy to store.

Read on to learn what CGC Trading Cards can do for you and your collection.

Accurate Grading

CGC Trading Cards graders use a highly accurate, industry-standard 10-point grading scale and evaluate cards using advanced authentication and grading equipment, including devices that perform ultra-microscopic inspections and precisely calculate centering.

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CGC grader grading a trading card

Superior Holder

The CGC Trading Cards holder is made from the same time-tested, durable and optically superior materials as the CGC comic book holder. With crystal-clear optics, the artwork, color and detail of a card are never obscured.

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CGC Superior Holder

Comprehensive Guarantee

All CGC-certified trading cards are backed by the comprehensive CGC Guarantee, which provides collectors with greater security and confidence.

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Cost-effective Services

CGC Trading Cards has a simple and cost-effective fee structure with industry-leading turnaround times. Certification services start at just $15 per card.

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Associate or higher CGC Collectors Society members can submit trading cards directly to CGC for certification. Memberships start at just $25 per year.

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Once you’ve become a member, you can complete our user-friendly online submission form and submit your cards to CGC Trading Cards for certification.

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