How to Submit to CGC

Submitting to CGC is easy. Just follow the simple steps below to get your collectibles certified and protected by the industry leader! For information on submitting to CGC Trading Cards, visit > For information on submitting to CGC Video Games, visit > For information on submitting to CGC Home Video, visit >


Become a CGC Member

Join as a paid member to get full submission privileges and other great benefits, such as 24/7 online tracking, free grader notes for your submissions and more. Paid memberships start at just $25 per year!

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Choose Your Services

Select the appropriate services for your collectibles. In most cases, you will select a CGC grading tier. You can also choose to add services such as pressing, CGC custom labels and other services.

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Complete a Submission Form

Complete CGC’s simple and easy-to-use online submission form to let CGC know what collectibles you will be submitting and which services you would like. If you would like to submit for CGC Signature Series at a convention, please visit the CGC booth.

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Package & Ship Your Collectibles

CGC has made packaging and shipping your collectibles as painless and safe as possible. Watch our step-by-step videos for instructions on how to prepare your collectibles for their trip to CGC. For comic books, use the CGC Shipping Kit — each kit comes with everything you need to securely pack your raw books so there’s no stress and no hassle.

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For more information about mailing submissions to CGC, click here.

For information about dropping off submissions at a show or through a CGC Authorized Dealer, click here.

Authorized Dealers: For information about dropping off submissions at CGC headquarters, click here.

Need Help Submitting to CGC?

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