The Comics Registry

The Comics Registry is a place where comic book collectors come together to share their collections and knowledge with one another. It's a valuable resource for new collectors and experienced fans alike, with a wide range of collections on display. There is no charge to join, and your CGC-certified comics are eligible for inclusion in hundreds of categories.

To participate, all you need is a free CGC Collectors Society account. The CGC Collectors Society is an online community developed to increase the choices, convenience, and education available to collectors. The Comics Registry is just one of the many resources available to you with free membership.

Participation in the Registry is free for registered CGC Collectors Society Members. Unlock your access today by logging in or joining now.

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Competitive Sets
Competition in the Comics Registry rewards completeness and condition. You simply enter the CGC certification number of your comics into appropriate slots in pre-defined competitive sets.

Every comic book receives a "score" or point value associated with its scarcity, desirability, and certified grade. You can upload pictures, write descriptions, or even tell the story of how you purchased a comic book and why it's one of your favorites — and there are awards for the Best Presented Sets too!

Custom Sets
Many collectors choose to assemble their own sets in unique ways, as personal expressions of what they find fascinating about collecting. Custom Sets are ideal for this kind of collector. You can create Custom Sets and either share them or keep them private. You define the set’s theme and choose which comics are eligible.

Register Your Comics
Review our Step-by-Step Guide for registering your comics. See why thousands of members participate in the CGC Registry. Explore the Registry Now!