CGC Signature Series®

The CGC Signature Series

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), the leader in professional comic book certification, pioneered witnessed signature authentication when it introduced CGC Signature Series — a certification service that assures signatures are 100% authentic.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of comic books and graphic novels are taken by fans to comic book and popular culture conventions around the world. They also tote their books to comic book stores and varied public events with just one goal in mind — to have their comics signed by their favorite creators.

Getting comic books signed by creators has been a part of our hobby since early fandom and are highly-sought collectibles. Unfortunately, they rarely come with a foolproof guarantee of authenticity, so many collectors consider it a risky pursuit.

CGC Signature Series is the solution!

Collectors can have their comic books, comic magazines, photographs and magazines signed by their favorite creators in the presence of a CGC representative. These comics can then be authenticated, graded and certified by CGC under the prestigious CGC Signature Series label.

The CGC Signature Series

The prestigious CGC Signature Series label (yellow) is applied to comic books that have been signed by someone of significance to the comic. Though in select instances, CGC may accept signed books directly from the signer/publisher, generally these labels will only be issued to books signed under the direct observation of a CGC representative. The signatures are then authenticated by CGC with the labels indicating who signed the book, the date it was signed, and in some cases the location of where it was signed.

After the comic book or comic magazine is signed in the presence of a CGC employee or CGC authorized witness, the book is immediately submitted to CGC for grading and encapsulation in CGC's patented, tamper-evident holder, to become a treasured part of your collection. When buying and selling comic books, the prestigious CGC Signature Series is the hobby's only 100% Authenticated Signature!

Visit the Signature Room on the CGC chat boards.

Frequently Asked Questions About CGC Signature Series

  • What if I get the book signed before submitting the book to CGC?
    Unfortunately, if the signing is not witnessed by someone authorized by CGC, then the signature cannot be authenticated for the Signature Series label. Testimonials, photographs, and video recordings are not accepted.
  • What information goes on the label?
    The name of the person(s) who signed the comic, the date it was signed, and in some cases the location, such as the name of the convention or store.
  • Are restored comic books eligible for Signature Series?
    Yes. Restored comic books are eligible for the CGC Signature Series Restored label, which is yellow with a purple bar across the top. The degree of restoration and details of the work performed are noted on the label. As with all CGC Signature Series books, the signing must be witnessed by a CGC authorized representative.
  • What signings are approved for Signature Series?
    Most signings are prearranged. Any signing where a CGC witness is in attendance is eligible. This includes comic book conventions and public signings, such as ones at comic book store. In select instances, CGC may accept signed books directly from the signer/publisher.
  • How can I set up my own Signature Series signing?
    If you are already a CGC Member Dealer, it may be easier then you think! Call CGC Customer Service at 1-877-NM-COMIC to find out today.
  • How do I get my book signed if I am not going to a convention?
    Contact an authorized Facilitator. An authorized Facilitator is a dealer that has been approved by CGC to have a CGC witness accompany them to signing events. If you are in need of an authorized Facilitator, you can probably find one by going to the Signature Room on our chat boards.