Fallen, Yet Not Forgotten

Posted on 4/4/2008

Fallen Son #3 Blank Cover Variant Resonates with Collectors

Fans of the historic Captain America were shocked when Joe Quesada and his creative team at Marvel decided to have the iconic character shot and killed in Captain America #25 (4/07). Since his creation by Simon and Kirby in 1941, Captain America, the alter-ego of Steve Rogers, has been a staple Marvel character. He was commonly seen as the defender of the United States from enemies abroad and at home. Initially fighting the Axis forces in World War II and later assisting the Avengers in their fight against the evils plaguing the U.S., Captain America upheld his legacy to the end.
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Though the murder of Steve Rogers seemed to be the end for Captain America, this character was not to be forgotten. The subsequent series of Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America dealt with the different emotions resulting from this loss. Each of the characters in the Marvel Universe who were affected by the death of Steve Rogers and Captain America was given a chance to express their feelings relating to their loss of a dear friend and partner in this five-part limited series.
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The issue that resonated with fans of the Signature Series label was the blank sketch cover of Fallen Son #3. This was not due to the emotional story written by Jeph Loeb or the outstanding art by John Romita Jr., but rather because the blank center of the variant’s cover allowed fans to have any of their favorite artists customize their book with a sketch. If the customer had the sketch witnessed by an authorized CGC representative, then the book is eligible for CGC’s prestigious Signature Series designation. As a result, we have seen numerous creative products from artists throughout the comic community. Many of the more striking examples have been imaged and included on CGC’s Gallery online.

Check out CGC’s complete Fallen Son Signature Series Gallery.

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