CGC-certified Superman and Spider-Man Comic Books Lead ComicConnect Sale

Posted on 5/26/2022

A trio of grail comics are among the many CGC-graded classics in a ComicConnect auction in June.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning some of the most important issues in comic book history — Action Comics #1, Amazing Fantasy #15 and Superman #1 — now is your chance! A copy certified by Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) of each of these iconic books is available this month in ComicConnect Auction #50. Bidding for each had already exceeded $100,000 more than two weeks before the sale, with sessions concluding June 6-10, 2022.

An Action Comics #1 graded CGC 9.4 with Extensive Restoration (A-5) is being offered in the June 7 session. First published in 1938 by National Press (now known as DC Comics), Action Comics #1 features the first appearance of Superman. Many consider it to be the start of the Golden Age of comics and the birth of superheroes.

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Another lot drawing intense bidder interest in the June 7 session is an Amazing Fantasy #15 graded CGC 8.0. This was the final issue of the Amazing Fantasy series in 1962, where Stan Lee convinced the publisher to let him try out a new teenage hero he had created with Steve Ditko. That hero was Spider-Man, and his first appearance in this issue became the highest-selling book for Marvel in 1962.

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But Superman has more to offer in this auction, with a CGC graded 4.0 Superman #1 being offered in the June 10 session. Another copy of this book, graded CGC 8.0, set the record for most-valuable comic, with a $5.3 million sale in January.

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Other CGC-graded comics to watch in this auction include:

  • an Amazing Fantasy #15 graded CGC 6.5
  • a Batman #1 graded CGC 4.5
  • a Brave and the Bold #28 graded CGC 8.5
  • a Fantastic Four #1 graded CGC 8.5
  • a Giant-Size X-Men #1 graded CGC 9.8
  • an Incredible Hulk #1 graded CGC 7.5
  • an X-Men #1 graded CGC 7.0

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