CGC Comics Registry Featured Set: Underverse - 616

Posted on 7/2/2024

We're celebrating independence (along with vintage) this month by highlighting some of the top independent comics in the CGC Registry!

This Independence Day, let's celebrate the spirit of independence by exploring the bold and unique stories found in underground and independent comics! A great example from the CGC Registry is the collection Underverse - 616 by Registry member L Ludwig.

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The rise in popularity of independent comics can be attributed to their appeal to readers seeking fresh, diverse voices and stories that deviate from the mainstream superhero genre. During the 1960s and 1970s, a growing countercultural movement fueled demand for media that challenged societal norms and censorship, leading to a flourishing underground comix scene. This era saw a surge in independent creators who prioritized artistic integrity over commercial success, fostering a community that valued innovative, personal and often politically charged content.

Independent comics differ significantly from mainstream publishers like Marvel and DC through their emphasis on creative freedom, subversive themes and experimental storytelling. Unlike the more formulaic and commercialized narratives of mainstream superheroes, independent comics often explore unconventional themes and artistic styles.

Zap Comix, created by Robert Crumb in the late 1960s, broke new ground with its raw, satirical content and unfiltered artistic expression, setting a precedent for underground comix. Similarly, Rip Off Comix, launched by Rip Off Press in 1977 and featuring works by Gilbert Shelton and other avant-garde artists, offered a blend of humor, satire and social commentary.

These titles exemplify the unique qualities of independent comics, showcasing their ability to push the boundaries of traditional comic storytelling and capture the spirit of rebellion and innovation.

Some of the books in this month’s featured collection include:

  • an Air Pirates Funnies #1 graded CGC 9.6
  • an American Splendor #1 graded CGC 9.0
  • a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #1 graded CGC 9.2
  • a Junkwaffel #3 graded CGC 9.8
  • a Rip Off Comix #1 graded CGC 9.6
  • a San Francisco Comic Book #1 graded CGC 9.4
  • a Snarf #1 graded CGC 9.2
  • a Snatch Comics #2 graded CGC 9.2
  • a Vampirella #3 graded CGC 9.4
  • a Zap Comix #1 graded CGC 9.8

L Ludwig described the collection as a “collection of key comix anthologies and titles from 1968 to 1980 with a focus on the Golden Age of Undergrounds 1968 - 1973.” The user further stated their goal is to have complete runs, highest grades and Haight-Ashbury pedigrees.

“While I love the work of Robert Crumb, I have not attempted to collect every comix he contributed to. However, given his proclivity for work and his influence, I have come close to doing just that. Most of the one offs contained here will have Crumb DNA,” L Ludwig said.

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