Heritage Auctions Offers CGC-certified Matt Baker Comics

Posted on 7/8/2024

Among the titles from the Golden Age artist included in the July auction are Phantom Lady and Seven Seas Comics.

A selection of dozens of Golden Age comics graded by Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) that feature work by the iconic and influential artist Matt Baker are available in an upcoming Heritage Auctions sale. Bidding is already underway for the Matt Baker Comics Showcase Auction on July 18, 2024.

Talented and influential, Matt Baker was among the first Black artists in the comic industry and made significant contributions during the Golden Age. Baker gained widespread recognition for his exquisite and dynamic artwork, particularly in the realms of romance, horror, crime and “Good Girl” comics. The term “Good Girl covers” was coined in the 1930s, referring to covers with provocative images of attractive women. Baker passed away in 1959 at the age of 37 and was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Among the highlights of this auction is a Phantom Lady #23 graded CGC 6.5 (lot 82067). Created by the legendary team of Baker and writer Arthur Peddy, socialite Sandra Knight is secretly the crime-fighter Phantom Lady by night, using her wit, combat skills and a black light projector to render herself invisible and blind her enemies. Known for her striking costume and bold adventures, Phantom Lady became an iconic figure in the Golden Age of Comics. Originally published by Quality Comics, she was acquired by DC Comics in 1956, and over the decades she has been part of various DC superhero teams, including the Freedom Fighters and the Justice Society of America.

Also in this auction is a Seven Seas Comics #4 graded CGC 3.0 (lot 82086). This series, published by Universal Phoenix Features, is most notable for featuring the character Princess Pantha, a jungle heroine who became a popular figure in the pulp-inspired adventure genre. Baker’s work in this issue is often celebrated for its detailed and expressive style, which set a high standard for comic art in the Golden Age.

Other CGC-certified comics in this auction include:

  • an All-Picture All-True Love Story #1 graded CGC 4.5 (lot 82001)
  • an Authentic Police Cases #6 graded CGC 3.5 (lot 82009)
  • a Diary Secrets #16 graded CGC 5.5 (lot 82047)
  • a Diary Secrets #27 graded CGC 6.0 (lot 82050)
  • a Jumbo Comics #69 graded CGC 4.5 (lot 82063)
  • a Pictorial Confessions #1 graded CGC 9.0 (lot 82068)
  • a Teen-Age Romances #11 graded CGC 4.0 (lot 82089)
  • a Teen-Age Romances #32 graded CGC 5.5 (lot 82096)
  • a Teen-Age Romances #41 graded CGC 5.5 (lot 82101)
  • a Teen-Age Temptations #1 graded CGC 7.0 (lot 82104)

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