The CGC Registry is Here!

Posted on 7/18/2003

CGC's Registry is a tool for the collecting community where their collections can be displayed and ranked against other great collections.

The site is accurate, interactive, impartial, easy to use, and discreet. The goal of the Comics Registry is to encourage collecting, acknowledge collectors who assemble truly remarkable collections, and inspire beginner hobbyists as they embark on this fun and rewarding hobby.

Why should you register your collection with CGC's Comics Registry?:

· Your set will be ranked accurately, thanks to our sophisticated ranking system.

· There is no cost to enter comics in CGC's Comics Registry.

· Sets of All Sizes are Eligible. Collections do not have to be complete to be listed. All sets are ranked.

· The Comics Registry is brought to you by CGC, the first independent, impartial, expert third party grading service in comics.

The Registry opens with the following collections but will quickly expand to include many more categories.

All Select Comics 1-11

Amazing Spider-Man 1-25

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1-4

Conan the Barbarian

Crisis On Infinite Earths 1-12

Daredevil 158-191

Doctor Strange 169-183

Green Lantern 76-89

Incredible Hulk 1-6

Incredible Hulk 180-182

Iron Fist 1-15

Mad 1-23

Silver Surfer 1-18

Wolverine Limited Series 1-4

Wolverine: The Origin 1-6

Visit the Collectors Society for more info or call 1.877.NM.COMIC

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