CGC Modifies Stance on Grading Submissions with Tape

Posted on 4/30/2013

Books submitted for grading that are postmarked after May 3 will be subject to new standards regarding cellophane tape.

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), the only independent comic certification and grading company, announced today that it is modifying the standard by which it will assess and grade submissions with cellophane tape.

Cellophane tape (a.k.a., Scotch tape) has been used by collectors for decades as a means to easily and inexpensively keep comics in one piece. The practice was historically performed by children who sought to preserve the condition of their comics to prolong readability. While this practice has never been viewed as restoration in the eyes of the hobby, it is also not condoned or recommended by collectors particularly due to the destructive nature of the tape.

Currently, CGC’s stance on tape allows for its presence to fix a detached cover, a tear or to re-attach a piece of the comic. This would still allow the book to receive a Universal Label and even a possible grade increase from what the book would have been had tape not been present.

After consideration of the expressed views of the community and assessment of the practice, beginning with submissions postmarked after May 3, 2013, CGC will modify its grading standard and ignore the presence of tape if it serves a function (such as fixing a tear or spine split) and instead grade the book as if it was not present. Therefore, any existing defect will be graded accordingly. If the tape does not serve a function, the tape will be treated as a defect and the book will be downgraded. By doing this, books will still receive a Universal Label but the grade will better reflect the actual condition of the comic book.

“As the trusted grading authority in the hobby of comic collecting we feel this new policy better serves collectors and protects the integrity of the books,” said Paul Litch, CGC’s primary grader and restoration detection specialist. “We’re grateful to the collectors and dealers who have come to depend on us. Most importantly, we value their trust and opinion and are constantly striving to serve the best interests of the community.”

Books with tape that have already been graded by CGC will retain their grade, but any books that are resubmitted will fall under the new criteria and be graded accordingly. CGC will continue to note tape on the label, as it has always done, whenever and wherever it is found on a book.

Anyone with questions can contact CGC customer service at 877-662-6642.

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