CGC Certifies World's Highest Grade Run of All-Star Comics

Posted on 12/1/2001

Comics Guaranty, LLC, announced that they received last week what is probably the world's highest grade, un-restored run of All-Star Comics in existence in for certification.

This is just incredible, I have seen some of these fantastic comic books before, but never all at one time." Said Steve Borock, former Primary Grader of CGC, "This is something we may never see again since this run will probably be broken up and sold to different collectors. I am just glad that we had the privilege of grading these before that happens." Steven Lauterbach, owner of investment Collectibles, brought the All-Star run to CGC.

"My phone has been ringing off the hook since this became public knowledge." Said Lauterbach, "I knew this was an amazing run of rare high grade comics, but I had no idea that they were in such high demand. This is the greatest collection I have ever purchased!"

When asked why he would spend so much money on CGC grading fees (Approx. $4000.00) when the comics are already so well known, Lauterbach said, "While I know I can get good money for these without CGC certification, I feel that I can get more money and a liquidity that only comes with CGC certification. These days collectors and dealers feel a lot more confident in CGC's grading and restoration detection, it has made buying and selling comics a pleasure."

Lauterbach bought the run from Daniel Kramer, a high grade D.C. collector from New York who spent many years putting it together. The run of All-Star's (#1 through 57 only missing #42) includes, #1(Larson CGC 8.5), #2 (Edgar Church/Mile High CGC 9.2), #3 1st JSA (CGC 9.4), #8 1st Wonder Woman (CGC 8.5), with a total of 17 Edgar Church/Mile High copies, 1 Larson copy, 1 Pennsylvania copy, and 2 "D" copies.

If any of these beauties are still available, Lauterbach will be offering them on his website or you can call him directly at 516-767-6100

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