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Posted on 1/2/2020

CGC Magazines provides superior certification services for a variety of collectible titles.

In 2009, Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®), the world’s leading comic book certification company, introduced grading and encapsulation services for magazines, starting with Sports Illustrated and Playboy. Today, CGC Magazines certifies most of the industry’s best-known titles, including Newsweek, Time and TV Guide, as well as comic magazines such as Wizard, Marvel magazines and Vampirella.

Every magazine graded by CGC is reviewed by knowledgeable professionals who conduct a comprehensive examination of both individual magazines and entire collections. Because CGC graders do not buy or sell collectibles, the team’s sole focus is on providing magazine collectors with an unbiased opinion of quality and authenticity.

The first issue of Sports Illustrated and the first issue of Playboy.
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CGC Magazines uses a 10-point grading scale that is based on the industry standard that CGC established for comic books, concert posters and other paper collectibles. The CGC grade appears on one of a number of labels, the colors of which differentiate a CGC Universal Grade from CGC grades assigned with any qualifiers or special considerations, such as conservation, restoration and autographs.

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Magazines are also eligible for the CGC Signature Series, a certification service that assures signatures are 100% authentic. Signed collectibles are highly-sought after, which makes signature authenticity a concern. With CGC Signature Series, collectors can have their magazines signed by artists, writers and celebrities in the presence of a CGC witness. The authenticity of the signature is then 100% certain, and the magazine receives the iconic CGC Signature Series yellow label.

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A CGC-certified Time Magazine and a signed TV Guide with the yellow CGC Signature Series label.
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After grading, magazines are encapsulated in a tamper-evident holder along with the CGC certification label. Engineered from heavy gauge archival plastic and completely transparent, the CGC Magazines holder is designed for long-term preservation and optimal display.

CGC Magazines Dimension Requirements

CGC grades most magazines that fit within the following dimensions: 11-1/2” tall x 8-7/8” wide x 1/2” thick. Magazines that are larger than these dimensions cannot be certified, as they will not fit in the CGC Magazines holder. In addition, magazines with severe overhangs, hard covers or jeweled covers cannot be encapsulated.

Magazine Certification Services and Fees

Grading Tiers and Services Description Fee
Modern Magazines 1975 to date valued at $200 or less $28
Economy Magazines valued at $500 or less $37
Standard Magazines valued $1,000 or less $55
WalkThrough Magazines of unlimited value 2% of Fair Market Value ($85 minimum)
ReHolder A magazine in a CGC holder is encapsulated in a new CGC holder. The grade assigned to the magazine should not change, unless any damage occurred post-encapsulation, in which case the grade will be adjusted accordingly. To qualify, the magazine must still be encapsulated in its original CGC holder. $15
Imaging Digital imaging for magazines submitted under any of CGC’s grading and service tiers. Consists of accurate high-resolution images of the front and back of the magazine, shown encapsulated in its CGC holder. Applies to all magazines on the form. Not available for on-site services. $5

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