CGC Welcomes George Pérez for an Exclusive In-House Private Signing Event!

Posted on 7/22/2021

Get your books ready for an exciting George Pérez signing opportunity!

CGC is thrilled to announce another In-House Private Signing with comic book artist and writer George Pérez! The prolific penciller has worked on some of the most important comic books for both DC and Marvel and is well known for his dynamic and powerful artistic style. In addition to signing, Pérez will also be offering a limited number of his incredible sketches for purchase. See pricing and details below.

George Pérez Sketch Examples. Click images to enlarge.

Pérez began drawing at the age of five and later became fascinated with comic books and their illustrations. Today, he has contributed to many famous titles and is considered to be one of the most sought-after artists in the comic industry. He is best known for his contributions to the New Teen Titans and the Crisis on Infinite Earth storyline.

Pérez’s work also includes The Avengers, Fantastic Four and his co-created character White Tiger who appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Meanwhile, some of his DC titles are Justice League of America, X-Men, Superman and the relaunch of Wonder Woman. He also provided artwork for various titles for CrossGen and was involved with the writing and drawing projects related to DC’s The Brave and The Bold. Now retired, Pérez is currently the co-chairman of the board of the comic industry charity A Commitment To Our Roots.

“We are so honored to be able to host such a legendary artist for a second In-House Private Signing event at our headquarters,” said Brittany McManus, CGC Signature Series Director. “George Pérez is a fantastic artist who has been part of creating many seminal titles, and we cannot wait for this event”.

For this exclusive event, ALL CGC members, including free CGC members, can submit books directly to CGC headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. CGC must receive all submissions for this event by Friday, September 10, 2021.

If the CGC In-House Private Signing needs to be rescheduled, CGC will securely store all submissions in its vault until the event can be rescheduled.

After George Pérez signs the submitted books, CGC will grade and encapsulate them with an estimated turnaround time of six weeks. If CCS pressing is also requested, the turnaround time is estimated at eight weeks. After grading and encapsulation, the collectibles will be shipped back to their owners.

The CGC In-House Private Signing fee for George Pérez is $75 per item and includes:

  • George Pérez’s signature
  • Estimated turnaround time of six weeks for CGC grading
  • Estimated turnaround time of eight weeks for CGC grading and CCS pressing (an additional $20 fee applies for CCS pressing)
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label

The CGC In-House Private Signing fee for a George Pérez sketch is $375 per item and includes:

  • George Pérez’s signature
  • George Pérez’s sketch. Important: NO REAL PEOPLE / LIKENESSES, NO Han Solo, NO Luke Skywalker, NO Princess Leia. The final design and subject matter of the sketch is at the artist’s discretion. CGC cannot guarantee sketch requests. Limited to the first 75 submitters.
  • Estimated turnaround time of six weeks for CGC grading
  • Estimated turnaround time of eight weeks for CGC grading and CCS pressing (an additional $20 fee applies for CCS pressing)
  • Encapsulation with the iconic yellow CGC Signature Series label

Submission Instructions

For this CGC In-House Private Signing event, you can ship submissions directly to CGC with a FREE membership. Paid memberships are also available and include additional benefits. For more information and to join, visit

To submit books for the signing:

  • Log onto your account or sign up for an account HERE.
  • Click Submit in the CGC website navigation and select Submission Forms.
  • Next to Comics / Magazines, select Online Form.
  • Select Comic or Magazine from the drop-down menu, then select Private Signing and one of the following from the dropdown menu section:
  • Under Services, select Grading and, if you would like it, Pressing. Then hit Next in the top right section of the form.
  • Enter the information requested for your comic, and make sure to check the box next to GEORGE PEREZ under Private Signing Details.
  • On the next screen, you can add one of CGC’s custom Marvel labels to your submission for qualifying books.
  • Select Add to Cart, and then repeat if there are additional books in your submission. If there are no additional books in your submission, click on the cart icon and proceed to checkout.
  • Note: If you want to submit magazines, please group them together on their own private signing form separate from comic submissions. The same rule applies for any custom labels. Please group them together on their own private signing form separate from non-custom labels. To see the available labels, click HERE.
  • Put ALL ungraded books in window bags or they will not be accepted. You can purchase window bags HERE.
  • Books that are already certified by CGC, including CGC Signature Series books, can be submitted for this event. CGC will remove a CGC-certified book from its holder for an additional $5 fee.
  • Carefully package books in a box for shipment. If you need a CGC shipping kit, they can be purchased HERE.
  • IMPORTANT: Please write GP on all sides of the outside of the box.
  • Books will be received into the CGC system when they arrive and will be safely stored by CGC until the event. (Please note: Payments are processed as they normally are at the time of the collectibles’ arrival at CGC.)
  • Once books are signed, they will start an expedited CGC grading process.


All submissions must be received by CGC no later than Friday, September 10, 2021, to qualify for this private signing event. No change requests will be accepted after Friday, September 10, 2021.

Membership credits cannot be applied to CGC In-House Private Signings.

*No Multi-Sigs included with other signings.

**If you submit a CGC-graded collectible that needs to be removed from its original holder by CGC, the collectible will need to go through the certification and encapsulation process again, and there is no guarantee that it will receive the same grade.

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