CCS On-site Pressing at Wizard World Chicago

Posted on 7/28/2014

CCS is pressing on-site at Wizard World Chicago, August 21–23, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Be sure to get your books in early; CCS can only accept a limited number of submissions.

In conjunction with CGC’s on-site grading, CCS is offering on-site comic book pressing at Wizard World Chicago. At this show, collectors can get their comics pressed and graded in the same weekend. We will be pressing all comics — both graded and raw books, regardless of age. Space is limited, so make sure to submit your books to us as soon as possible.

On-site pressing tier pricing:

  • Modern (comics 1975–present, valued US $200 or less) — US $20
  • Economy (comics valued US $500 or less) — US $60
  • Standard (comics valued US $1,000 or less) — US $85
  • Express (comics valued US $3,000 or less) — US $130
  • WalkThru (comics any value) — 2.5% FMV, min. $250


We begin accepting pressing submissions Thursday afternoon, August 21, at the CGC / CCS booth. Comics submitted to CCS by end of Friday stand the best chance of getting graded by CGC at the show, but if space and time allows, we will continue to accept submissions Saturday for on-site pressing. We will also accept submissions for regular pressing throughout the weekend. Any comics submitted at the show and pressed on-site but not graded by the end of the show Sunday will be immediately graded at CGC the following week and shipped back to you at our cost. For information on CGC on-site grading, click here.

All CCS / CGC fees must be fully paid before your comics can be picked up at the CGC / CCS booth.

Get a head start on your on-site submissions:

Collectors Society members and dealers use the CCS online submission form, then mail your books before Wizard World Chicago for show pickup. Submissions must be clearly marked for on-site service and must be received at CCS offices by Monday, August 18. (Tier pricing will be adjusted to on-site fees.)

Not attending?

If you can't make it to the show, but have comics you'd like to press and grade on-site, you can mail your books to CCS the week before using the CCS online submission form. All submissions for on-site services must arrive at CCS by Monday, August 18. Your comics will be pressed and graded, then mailed back to you from our office the following week. Please contact us at or by calling 855-227-1711 for more details. Regular shipping fees apply.

Visit our booth to get answers to any questions about the services offered by CCS. Please remember that CCS does not provide opinions or free evaluations at trade shows.

CCS will also be pressing on-site at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Stay tuned for details.

CCS is an independent member of the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG).

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