Comics We Grade

Comics We Grade

The CGC holder is made of state-of-the-art materials and is designed to meet the needs and demands of comic book collectors.

CGC grades most standard comics that do not exceed the following dimensions:
10-1/2" tall (266.7 mm)
7-5/8" wide (192.532 mm)
1/4" thick (6.35 mm)

CGC will NOT grade comics that have a hardcover, a jeweled cover or treasury-sized comics. There may be other comic books that we cannot certify. Exclusion of an item from this text does not guarantee certification. Please remember that no floating items can be encapsulated with the comic book (i.e. Certificates of Authenticity, Pedigree COA's, free-floating 3-D glasses, poly-bags). Poly-bagged comics must be taken out of the poly-bag before being graded.

Magazines We Grade

CGC grades most magazines that do not exceed the following dimensions:
11-1/2" tall (292.1 mm)
8-7/8" wide (223.012 mm)
1/2" thick (12.7 mm)

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