CGC-graded Brave and the Bold #28 Soars to $750,000

Posted on 6/22/2022

The Justice League of America’s first appearance has broken the record for the most ever paid for a Silver Age DC comic book.

The Brave and the Bold is in a league of its own after trading hands in a private sale for a hefty six figures. Featuring the first appearance of the Justice League of America, a CGC certified 9.6 copy of Brave and the Bold #28 was bought for $750,000, setting a new record for the book, and making it the highest-selling DC comic from the Silver Age.

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Published by DC Comics in March 1960, Brave and the Bold #28 was a hit, which led to the team receiving its own title only eight months later. DC’s success with new superhero teams inspired Stan Lee to create the Fantastic Four in 1961, which ultimately led to the Marvel Age, cementing the Silver Age as an epic period in comic book history.

This particular copy holds the top spot in the CGC Census. Only one 9.4 and three 9.2s have been graded to date, making this an incredibly tough book to find in high grade. This is understandable, as DC comic books from this time period are notoriously hard to find in such condition.

Originally owned by Rob Rong (@foreigncomickeys), the sale of this copy was facilitated by Richard Evans of Bedrock City and sold to Tony Arnold of TonyeTrade Enterprises. This sale for $750,000 makes Brave and the Bold #28 the highest-selling DC Silver Age comic book, far exceeding a previous sale of a CGC 9.2 example that sold for $120,000 in 2014.

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