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ComicConnect’s Event Auction 51 Ends September 19-23

Posted on 9/20/2022

Check out ComicConnect's September event auction featuring many highly sought after books!

ComicConnect’s Event Auction 51 ends every night next week! It is filled with incredible items from all eras of comic book history, with CGC-certified keys from the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and today!

Starting in the late 1930s, readers became enamored by the superhero stories being told in comics. The introduction of characters like Batman, Superman, Captain America, the Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner and countless others changed the landscape of entertainment. Today, these characters have become cultural icons, turning these rarely seen Golden Age titles into major investment opportunities. ComicConnect has many of these all-time greats available, including a CGC Restored 8.5 copy of Action Comics #1, a CGC Restored 7.5 copy of Detective Comics #27, a CGC Pedigree 6.0 (Kansas City) copy of Marvel Comics #1, a CGC Restored 8.0 copy of Captain America Comics #1, and so much more.

Decades later, after a period in which the popularity of superheroes waned, a new era of prosperity began. Creators like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Julie Schwartz, Bill Everett, Don Heck, and Larry Leiber introduced the likes of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, the X-Men, Martian Manhunter, and new versions of popular DC characters like the Flash and Green Lantern. ComicConnect’s Event Auction has many Silver Age keys, such as a CGC Universal 9.6 copy of X-Men #1, a CGC Universal 9.6 copy of Daredevil #1, a CGC Universal 7.5 copy of Fantastic Four #1, and a CGC Universal 7.5 copy of Brave and The Bold #28, which introduced the Justice League of America.

As time passed, comic book stories became increasingly complex, maturing with their audience. Creators like Neil Adams, Denny O’Neil, Chris Claremont, and Len Wein filled the Bronze Age with some of the most memorable tales of all time. The creation of characters like Wolverine, Swamp Thing, Moon Knight, and Power Man added some much-needed variety to the superhero genre. ComicConnect has these keys available, including a CGC Universal 9.2 copy of Houseof Secrets #92, a CGC Universal 9.6 copy of Incredible Hulk #181, and a CGC Universal 9.8 copy of Batman #232. 

“Original art, pulps, graded video games, and graded VHS tapes are just some of the categories from which to choose,” explained Vincent Zurzolo. “With over 3,000 lots, investment collectors have a single destination to pad their portfolios — ComicConnect’s Event Auction 51.”

View the entirety of Event Auction 51. Sell with ComicConnect, and you’re automatically eligible to receive an interest-free, no-fee cash advance towards the sale of your collection. Call (888) 779-7377 or email ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds, at for assistance.


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