CGC Signature Series - Your Trusted Service for Autographed Memorabilia

Whether you’re seeking an autograph for a comic book, celebrity photo or magazine, we guarantee authenticity.

All collectibles certified with the prestigious CGC Signature Series label have been signed in the presence of a CGC representative, then submitted for CGC certification. The end result is an expertly described, encapsulated collectible with a guaranteed authentic signature for your collection.

All of the materials used by CGC are tamper-evident and extensively tested to ensure long-term protection for your autographed memorabilia. Each holder is transparent, to ensure maximum visibility for years to come, and archival-safe, to protect your autographed memorabilia from liquids, gases and improper handling. Our Signature Series label includes security features such as an official hologram seal and a unique serial number.

Collectors can have their comic books signed by their favorite creators in the presence of an exclusive CGC-authorized representative. CGC then authenticates, grades and certifies the books, applying the CGC Signature Series label, indicating who signed the book, the date it was signed and, in some cases, the location of where it was signed.

Restored comic books are also eligible for the CGC Signature Series label, though the label differs slightly to reflect the restored comic book’s characteristics.

Celebrity and character photos are also eligible for CGC Signature Series services. Every CGC-certified photo is encapsulated in a heavy-gauge, archival plastic holder. The large-format CGC Signature Series label indicates who signed the photo, significant information about the signer, the date it was signed and an image description.

CGC will authenticate the original art backboard sketches with the CGC Signature Series label. No grades will be assigned, but every piece will be authenticated and encapsulated in a CGC tamper-evident archival holder. CGC also has our own Signature Series sketch boards. Stop by the CGC booth at the next show for more information.

CGC also applies the CGC Signature Series label to Sports Illustrated and Playboy magazines that were signed by someone of significance to the publication under the direct observation of a CGC representative. CGC Signature Series labels for magazines include the signer’s name and the date that the magazine was signed.

Restored autographed magazines are also eligible for the CGC Signature Series designation. The degree of restoration is noted on the label along with information about the signer and the date signed.

Questions about how to get your collectibles certified? Contact CGC Customer Service at or 1-877-662-6642.

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