CGC Accepting Concert Posters at San Francisco Event

Posted on 10/17/2018

CGC will accept submissions of concert posters at the 2018 TRPS Festival of Rock Posters, held Oct. 20 at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

CGC will also have a concert poster grader on hand to answer questions and offer free evaluations of your concert poster. Plus, you'll have a chance to see examples of rock concert posters encapsulated by CGC.

CGC accepts submissions from five of the most highly coveted vintage poster series, including Bill Graham, Family Dog, Grande Ballroom, Neon Rose and Art of Rock. A modern submission tier is also available for Bill Graham Presents, New Fillmore Series and MoonAlice. Tier prices are:

  • Modern (Posters 1980–Present valued at $200 or less) — $17
  • Economy (Posters valued at $750 or less) — $25
  • Standard (Posters valued at $2,500 or less) — $40
  • Express (Posters valued at $7,500 or less) — $75
  • WalkThru (Posters valued at $15,000 or less) — $150
  • Unlimited WalkThru ($15,000 and up) — $100 + 1/2% FMV

CGC employs a 10-point grading scale for concert posters that is based on the industry standard the company established for comics, magazines, photos and lobby cards. Genuine posters are encapsulated in a clear, tamper-evident holder with a label describing them.

Read more about CGC grading of concert posters here.

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