CGC To Authenticate Prints for Signature Series

    Posted on 3/22/2019

    Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) announces that it has expanded its Signature Series program to include the authentication of signatures on prints. This much-anticipated program goes into effect in March 2019. As with comics submitted for Signature Series, prints that have been signed in the presence of a CGC Witness can be submitted for authentication and encapsulation with CGC’s Signature Series label. CGC will not authenticate or grade the actual print, just the signature itself.

    “Collectors have asked that this service be added to our Signature Series program, and we’re happy to accommodate them.” said Harshen Patel, CGC Director of Operations. “Authenticating signed prints opens up a new area of value for hobbyists.”

    The fees are $25 for prints and $15 for a photo sketch. The maximum sizes that CGC will encapsulate are as follows:

  • Small-sized print: 9” x 11”- $15.00
  • Medium-sized print: 11” x 17” - $25.00
  • Large-sized print: 14” x 20” - $25.00
  • Typically, signatures are obtained at conventions. Stop by the CGC booth first for a CGC Witness. For more information on the program and any exclusions, contact CGC Customer Service at

    About CGC Founded in 2000, CGC is the first impartial, third-party comic book grading service. Its proven and respected commitment to integrity, accuracy and consistency combined with a passion for comics has made CGC the leader in its field. CGC has graded over 5 million collectibles.

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