Shipping Kits Now Available for Mail-In Submissions

Posted on 2/4/2020

Show your books some love! CGC Shipping Kits make it easy to safely pack your raw comic books for their trip to CGC.

The kits are perfect for all kinds of collectors, whether you’re a new submitter who’s nervous about shipping your collectibles, or an old pro who appreciates convenience. They include all the protective materials you need, including poly bags, boards, bubble bags, bubble wrap, a return box and more. Step-by-step videos help guide you through the packing process.

The kits are available in two sizes:

CGC Small Shipping Kit (1 to 10 books)

CGC Large Shipping Kit (11 to 40 books)


Packing Instructions

When using a Shipping Kit, CGC recommends taking the following steps to ensure that your submission is received securely and expediently.

Step One

  1. Open your shipping kit carefully.
  2. Begin by using a box cutter or scissors to GENTLY cut the tape on the outer box.
  3. Take an inventory of all items in your shipping kit.
    • Return Box (may look different than pictured)
    • Large Piece of Bubble Wrap
  4. Remove all contents from the inner return box; and identify all pieces inside.
    • CGC Pen and CGC Sticker
    • “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” Cardboard Box
    • Large Piece of Bubble Wrap
  5. Remove all contents from “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” cardboard box and identify all pieces inside.
    • Bags and Boards
    • Bubble Bags

Step Two

  1. Put your books into bags and boards.
    • Do this by pulling the boards out of the bag.
    • Place the books on top of each board.
    • Hold the top flap of the bag open to slide the book in.
    • Slide each book and board gently into the bag, corner first.
    • Do this for all of your books until they are all in bags and boards.
  2. Next, place your books in the exact order that they are listed on your packing slip.
    • The correct order of the books is NOT how they were entered.
    • The correct order is how they are LISTED on the packing slip.
  3. After your books are perfectly in order as they are listed on your packing slip, group them together with the packing slip on top.
  4. Slide the books and the packing slip into the bubble bag provided for you in the shipping kit.
  5. Tape the bubble bag closed.

Step Three

  1. Place the “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” cardboard box on the table in front of you.
  2. Pull the top left edge of the cardboard up towards you, pivoting it to the center.
  3. Place the packed bubble bag in the center of the folded cardboard.
  4. Fold the top and bottom flaps towards each other first, then fold the right and left sides down to completely cover the books. This will display the “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” wording.
  5. Tape the two side pieces closed, securing the books inside.

Step Four

  1. Place the “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” cardboard box in the middle of one of the large pieces of bubble wrap.
  2. Place the large piece of bubble wrap and the “RAW BOOKS INSIDE” cardboard box together inside the return box.
  3. Check the area to see if you need to use the other piece of bubble wrap. Everything should be snug and nothing should be moving around inside of the box.
  4. Fold in the smaller flaps toward the middle of the box, then the larger flaps, completely closing the box.
  5. Tape the box shut.
  6. Add the mailing label from your preferred carrier and you’re ready to ship!

If shipping via USPS, send to:

PO Box 4738
Sarasota, FL 34230

If shipping via FedEx or UPS, send to:

5501 Communications Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34240

Important Notice: The customer is responsible for safely and securely packaging the collectibles. Any instructions from CGC on how to package collectibles are only suggestions. The customer, in its sole discretion, must determine how to package the collectibles to prevent damage during the normal handling process. The customer assumes all risk of loss or damage to collectibles until collectibles are received and inspected by CGC.

See CGC Return Shipping Fees >

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