CGC Offers Expert Grading for Nintendo Power Magazine

Posted on 11/19/2021

Issues of the groundbreaking guide for gamers are highly collectible today.

Before people could visit YouTube or GameFAQs or StrategyWiki for guides and walkthroughs, the go-to source for gaming tips and game reviews was a groundbreaking magazine called Nintendo Power. Launched in 1988, just five years after Nintendo debuted its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo Power was an indispensable guide for millions of gamers seeking the latest on all things Nintendo.

Nintendo Power #1 graded CGC 2.5
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As part of its commitment to provide expert grading services for the world’s most cherished pop culture collectibles, Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) grades Nintendo Power magazines, utilizing a comprehensive grading process that addresses the unique makeup of the magazine.

For example, a recently graded Nintendo Power, Issue 4, which was published in January/February 1989, was graded CGC 9, indicating that it is well-preserved with good eye appeal and only minor handling or manufacturing defects.

Nintendo Power #4 graded CGC 9.0
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In addition to providing the grade, the information label provided by CGC and included in the protective holder documents that the “Player’s Poll,” subscription inserts and “Skate or Die/Zelda II” double-sided poster are intact in the graded magazine just as they would have been when the magazine was originally published.

A key component of CGC’s expert grading process is having detailed information on inserts that were included when Nintendo Power was originally issued and checking for their inclusion in magazines submitted for grading.

To complete the grading process, CGC encapsulates graded magazines like Nintendo Power in a state-of-the-art holder. While the industry’s most advanced archival materials make sure that the magazine is preserved, superior optics create a crystal-clear display that showcases the unique artwork featured on the cover of each Nintendo Power.

Nintendo Power #10 graded CGC 8.5
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Game Over? Mario saves the kingdom

Nintendo Power appeared during a unique time in the history of video games, when the gaming market was reeling from the Video Game Crash of 1983. After achieving more than $3 billion in revenues in 1983, the market dropped almost 97% in two years, with sales falling to approximately $100 million in 1985. The popularity of the NES, which was launched in 1983, played a significant role in the resurgence of video game consoles and Nintendo Power played a significant role in the popularity of NES.

Replacing an early Nintendo newsletter known as the Nintendo Fun Club News, Nintendo Power was published from August 1988 to December 2012. It helped players in their quests to complete Super Mario and a host of other Nintendo games by providing game strategy and tips. The magazine also provided previews of upcoming games and reviews of games that had been recently released. Later issues gave more space to fans, including a reader mail segment known as “Pulse.”

The cover art for Nintendo Power typically featured illustrations of iconic Nintendo game characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and Kirby. However, some issues featured photos of iconic film actors whose characters were featured in Nintendo games, such as Jack Nicholson as The Joker and Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Athletes including Hulk Hogan and Ken Griffey Jr also appeared on Nintendo Power covers to promote NES sports titles.

Nintendo Power #10 graded CGC 8.5
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Get ready for the next big thing in video games

CGC Video Games, which is launching in 2022, will provide expert authentication, grading, and encapsulation services for the types of classic games that were featured in the pages of Nintendo Power. CGC Video Games is already in the process of compiling the most comprehensive database of video games in the industry. In addition, the video game holder that CGC is designing promises to be totally radical.

Nintendo Power #33 graded CGC 8.0
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