PreScreen Service

When submitting a large number of comic books in a single submission for Value, Economy or Modern tiers, take advantage of our PreScreen Service.

By requesting PreScreen Service and specifying a minimum grade on your invoice, you will be charged grading fees only for the comic books that meet or exceed your specified minimum grade.

This service works as follows. For example, if sending 100 miscellaneous Modern comics, you could request a minimum grade of 9.4. Comics grading at 9.4 and above are certified and encapsulated at usual rates. Comics grading below 9.4 are returned uncertified.

Minimum quantities are required and special service guidelines must be followed in order for your submission to qualify for PreScreen Service. Additionally, CGC charges a reject fee for each comic returned uncertified. Fees are calculated based on the number of books submitted, the grading tier selected, the percentage that passed, and the minimum grade requested.

Please contact CGC customer service to discuss PreScreens, pricing and submission eligibility.

To view a full list of PreScreen Frequently Asked Questions, click here.