Shipping Your Books

Please ship your books to:

PO Box 4738
Sarasota, FL 34230

Please use this address if shipping with FedEx or UPS:
5501 Communications Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34240

PH: 1-877-NM-COMIC

Note: CGC cannot be responsible for loss or damage to submissions during transit to CGC. Safe delivery of submissions to CGC is the responsibility of the submitter and their selected shipping service. If CGC identifies a package that appears damaged, it will generally refuse to accept the delivery and attempt to contact the submitter when possible. Also, in most cases you cannot change your shipping address or reroute a submission after it has been shipped back to you. This restriction helps to protect the security of your submissions.

When you choose to ship your books to CGC for submission, we take great care to receive and document them with the utmost precision. To ensure the safest and quickest submission process, we've prepared a number of tips and guidelines. Please read through them before shipping your books.

Upon arriving at CGC, your book is unpacked in our receiving department; there it is inspected, entered into our computer system, given a reference number, and then placed in the safe where it will next be assigned to our pre-graders for grading.

This process can be delayed significantly if the books that arrive are incorrectly packed. Books that come without backing boards, two or more in a bag, or the backing board in the center of a book, must be removed and separated individually by one of our pre-graders. The time spent by the grader to correct these books is time that he is not grading books, thus the whole process is delayed. Following these simple guidelines will help to get your books back quickly:

Shipping Your Books
  1. We recommend that you place each comic carefully in a Mylar sleeve or bag WITH a backing board.
  2. The comic should be in the bag or Mylar sleeve with the top of the book closest to the opening. one piece of tape is sufficient for a bag with a flap (affixed so the tape is securing the flap towards the back of the comic.) Do not use tape to seal an open top (flapless) Mylar sleeve.
Shipping Your Books
  1. Place no more than five books in a group between two firm pieces of cardboard and then secure the cardboard around them to provide firm support on top, bottom and sides of the comics. CGC does not recommend taping the books directly together, but rather wrapping them in a plastic bag or paper and then taping that securely together.
Shipping Your Books
  1. Pack these in a box with plenty of cushioning material all the way around. Be sure to include the CGC submission invoice and your payment method. CGC does NOT recommend using any type of envelope to ship comics to us.
  2. If you're sending more than one submission invoice, please pack the appropriate comics and submission invoices together to minimize confusion. it is also helpful if the comics are packed in the order that they are listed on the form.