Amazing Spider-Man #300 is CGC’s Featured Comic of the Month for September

Posted on 8/31/2018

The book featuring the first full appearance of Venom is the one most often graded by CGC.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 is the most-graded book by CGC. Various reprints have been done over the years, including a 2007 reprint for Niagara Falls, Canada, seen at right.
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Name of comic: Amazing Spider-Man #300

Comic publisher: Marvel Comics

Date: May 1988

Variants: Foreign editions were reprinted several years later, including Finland (Hamahakkimies #4, 1991), Poland (Amazing Spider-Man #4, 1991) and Italy (L'Uomo Ragno #91, March 1992). English reprints were done in 2006 (Spider-Man 2 Special Edition, DVD promotional) and 2007 (Niagara Falls, Canada promotional).

What makes it special? This features the origin and first full appearance of Venom, a combination of journalist Eddie Brock and a black alien goo that had unsuccessfully tried to bond with Spider-Man. Initially a villain, the Venom character has evolved over the years into anti-hero.

Why is it interesting now? With the movie “Venom” being released in October, the Spidey franchise is slinging right along – though your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man does not appear in this movie.

Did you know? CGC has now graded more than 5 million collectibles, and this comic book stands alone as the one most frequently graded and encapsulated. It’s followed by New Mutants #98 (first appearance of Deadpool).

Total graded by CGC: CGC has graded 16,971 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #300 (as of August 21, 2018). Eighteen percent of them (3,044) have a Signature Series label.

CGC median grade: The median grade for these books is Near Mint - 9.2

CGC highest graded: CGC has graded 10 copies as Mint 9.9, but none as Mint 10.0.

Sales highlights: Copies graded CGC 9.8 have sold through Heritage Auctions this year for $2,151, $2,031 and $1,920. A copy in a median grade typically sells for several hundred dollars.

CGC Comics Registry Champion: A set named “Give it 2-3” by qv500 has won Best in Set Type from 2012 through 2018 for Amazing Spider-Man #200-300, including an Amazing Spider-Man #300 graded CGC 9.9. Explore this and other collections in the CGC Comics Registry.

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