CGC Sweetens CrossOver Service with Additional Incentives

CGC’s new CrossOver service, which was universally embraced by collectors at New York Comic Con, has been expanded to include all CGC grading tiers on CGC's online submission form. The service has also been enhanced with two amazing new incentives.

First, CGC will provide free screening for CrossOver submissions at its Standard, Express and WalkThru tiers. Second, CGC will only charge a flat grading fee of $10 for any books submitted for CrossOver service that go down in grade, regardless of tier and value.

These incentives, along with introductory CrossOver discounts of up to 50% off regular grading fees for books that earn the same or higher grade, make it easier than ever for collectors to move their treasured comics to CGC.

Here are the grading tiers with the introductory discounts applied:

  • Modern: $12
  • Value: $16.20
  • Economy: $22.80
  • Standard: $32.50
  • Express: $50
  • WalkThru: 1.5% of the Declared Value, $75 minimum

For the Standard, Express and WalkThru levels, graders will screen the books in their holders for free. CGC will contact submitters with guidance on whether their book will drop in grade, and whether pressing or conservation services might benefit their books. Submitters are not charged any grading fees if they decide not to proceed with the CrossOver.

The CrossOver service works like this:

  • Comics submitted for CrossOver must be intact in another grading company’s holder.
  • These comics will be removed by CGC from that company’s holder and graded according to CGC’s grading standards. If the grade goes down, CGC will charge only $10 in grading fees.
  • Books will then be encapsulated in CGC’s state-of-the-art holder, which combines superior optics and the most advanced archival materials, making it ideal for visual display and preservation.

Take advantage of the special limited-time discounts on grading tiers to have your comics graded by CGC and enjoy the many benefits that come with trusting the industry leader for over 18 years:

  • The highest prices realized in the marketplace
  • The confidence of knowing your books were graded by the team of experts who have certified over 5 million collectibles
  • The superior protection of CGC’s archival holder

Please note: There is no guarantee that the grade assigned by CGC will be the same as the grade assigned by the other grading service. Signed collectibles submitted under the CrossOver service will not receive a CGC Signature Series label.

The CGC online form allows free members to submit at shows, and paid members to submit at shows or through the mail. If you have additional questions regarding CGC’s CrossOver Service, please contact CGC Customer Service at 1-877-662-6642.

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