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What are Early Releases and First Releases?

The Early Releases and First Releases designations are used by CGC in select cases to capture the excitement of a newly issued collectible. To qualify for Early Releases or First Releases, the collectibles must generally be received by CGC within the first 30 days of the first release of that collectible. Currently, Early Releases and First Releases are offered only for "foils," which are precious-metal replicas of certain comic books and movie posters.

What constitutes a pedigree?

A pedigree applies to an exceptional vintage comic book collection that is considerable in size, has been accumulated and kept by a single owner, and was acquired at the time the comics were released. The books in a Pedigree Collection must be high-grade. For more detailed information, please visit our Pedigree Resources page: Visit the Pedigree page here.

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