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What if my book has a COA (Certificate of Authenticity)?

Please do not send COAs to CGC along with your books. We will not need them and cannot guarantee that they will be returned along with your submission.

What measures are taken to protect my comics while they are held by CGC?

In addition to vault storage, CGC uses state-of-the-art security and surveillance equipment, and only the most highly trained professionals who understand the unique handling requirements of comic books will handle your comics. While at CGC, your books are always fully insured against theft or damage.

As an independent member of the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG), CGC benefits from the other member companies' decades of experience in thorough operations and careful handling of delicate collectibles. With the CCG companies successfully handling more than 100,000 fragile collectibles each month, you can be assured that we have the experience to treat your comic books with the respect and proper handling techniques to ensure their safety.

While CGC is responsible for the care of your books while they're with us, any damage that occurs during shipping to CGC or after the books leave our facility is your responsibility or that of the shipping company with whom you contract.

What is CGC's CrossOver service?

Books that have been slabbed by another grading company can be submitted to CGC for re-grading through our CrossOver Service. This allows collectors to have a CGC-graded book in our state-of-the-art holder for 40-50% LESS than the cost of raw submissions.

To submit for CGC CrossOver, books must be intact in another grading company's holder. Comics will then be removed by CGC from that company's holder and graded according to CGC's grading standards. The books will then be encapsulated in CGC's holder, which combines superior optics and the most advanced archival materials for display and preservation.

Pricing is as follows:
Modern: $12
Value: $16.20
Economy: $22.80
Standard: $32.50
Express: $50
WalkThru: 1.5% of the Declared Value, $75 minimum

CGC's CrossOver service encompasses all CGC grading tiers on our online submission form. Please note that there is no guarantee that the grade assigned by CGC will be the same as the grade assigned by the other grading service. Signed collectibles submitted under the CrossOver service will not receive a CGC Signature Series label. The CGC online form allows free members to submit at shows, and paid members to submit at shows or through the mail. If you have additional questions regarding CGC's CrossOver Service, please contact CGC Customer Service at 1-877-662-6642.

How does one become a CGC grader?

CGC primarily seeks graders who have experience in collecting and grading modern or vintage comics, or both. Knowledge of CGC's grading standards and services, comic book history, creators, restoration detection, pedigrees, variants and market values are considered important aspects of this experience. Newly hired graders are trained on CGC's exclusive grading standards before they become part of the team. If you think you may be a good candidate, please send us your resume:

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