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General CGC FAQs

CGC is described as an independent third party. What does that mean?

CGC does not buy or sell comic books and does not have a financial interest in the collectibles that it certifies. In fact, employees of CGC are prohibited from buying and selling certified collectibles commercially.

When I submit collectibles to CGC, what assurance can CGC offer with regard to confidentiality and anonymity?

CGC will discuss the details of each transaction with the original submitter ONLY to provide complete confidentiality for all parties. CGC will not release any information concerning the identity of the original submitter without permission. As part of CGC's internal processes, complete anonymity is also ensured by a system of checks and balances. Comics receive generic bar-coding upon receipt, and our separate receiving department does not convey any information about the submitter to the graders. Therefore, the comic owner's identity is also completely unknown to CGC graders.

Is CGC certification guaranteed?

CGC offers the following guarantees: CGC guarantees that two or more grading professionals will review every collectible submitted for grading, that certified collectibles are authentic and that CGC holders are free of defects deemed to be distracting, significant or otherwise outside of normal tolerances, according to CGC's good faith determination. Important note: Because of the fragile nature of most paper collectibles, the grade is not guaranteed (other than for trading cards). Read the full CGC Guarantee here.

Can CGC tell me what my comic book or other collectible is worth?

No. CGC is an impartial third-party grading company and does not provide an appraisal or evaluation of a book's worth. This information can be obtained from other sources such as or the Overstreet Price Guide.

Does CGC attend comic-cons and trade shows?

Yes, CGC attends many major comic conventions throughout the year. At these shows, CGC's Customer Service team are available to take submissions and answer your questions. There are also several conventions where CGC does "on-site grading," meaning you submit your books at the show, and by the time the show ends on Sunday, your books are completely graded, encapsulated and ready to be picked up. To see a complete list of conventions CGC will be attending, including those that will feature on-site grading, go to our Events page:

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