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General CGC Signature Series FAQs

What information goes on the CGC Signature Series label?

The name of the person(s) who signed the collectible, the date it was signed and, in some cases, artist sketch or remark.

How do I get my book signed if I am not going to a convention?

Contact a CGC Authorized Facilitator! A CGC Authorized Facilitator is a dealer that has been approved by CGC to have a CGC Witness accompany them to signing events. If you are in need of a CGC Authorized Facilitator, you can find one here.

How do Private Signings work?

CGC periodically facilitates Private Signings at comic cons Customers who want their books signed bring their books to the CGC booth before the announced cut-off time, along with the artists' fees in cash. They then fill out the CGC submission form at the booth (CGC fees can be paid by credit card). CGC then takes the books, gets them signed by the requested artist, and brings them back to our facility to grade and slab with our Signature Series label. When the process is complete, CGC ships the books back to the customer.

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