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Shipping Collectibles to CGC

How are my books insured when they're returned to me? Does CGC provide insurance?

Important Note: Customer assumes all risk of loss or damage to collectibles during return shipment from the Certified Collectibles Group of Companies to Customer. Customer is responsible for selecting a carrier (e.g., USPS Registered Mail, FedEx, UPS, or other carrier) for return shipping and for procuring insurance on return shipping.

Different carriers provide different levels of protection for collectibles.

FedEx - $100 maximum declared value (per package)

UPS - $100 maximum declared value (per package)

USPS Registered Mail - $25,000 maximum declared value (per package)

(Terms and conditions may have changed. Please consult the carrier directly for current details.) If Customer does not select a carrier, collectibles will be return-shipped to Customer via USPS Registered Mail using Customer's declared values for insurance purposes.

Customers are also encouraged to consider private shipping insurance, with companies such as Private shipping insurance may provide additional benefits over carrier-provided insurance, and at better rates.

Will all of my submissions be returned to me in one shipment?

You may submit multiple submission forms to CGC in one shipping box. Your submissions will be returned separately upon completion, depending on tier and turnaround time. For that reason, Each of your submissions is individually calculated for its return shipping and insurance. The online form will automatically group your items by tier and service type and display the associated shipping and handling costs.

How much are return shipping costs?

Domestic USPS Registered Mail and FedEx shipping fees are calculated according to the fee schedule here. Additional charges may apply for extended or remote service areas, heavier packages, added items, etc.

What is the customs procedure and shipping costs for international shipments?

If you are submitting from outside the US, the burden of proof as to where the books shipped from falls to you. CGC recommends that you visit your local customs office before shipping your submission and explain your intentions for these comics — that they are yours and are being sent to the US for evaluation only. They will provide you with a form that should accompany your comic submission, and, when the books are returned with this form, the package will not be called into question. If we receive a submission without this form, we will return the books with any claim stickers that were affixed to the original box. This can sometimes work as proof of where the books shipped from. The value that we will declare on the package is the amount paid for the grading of the books, and they will be noted from the country of origin goods being returned, shipped to the US for evaluation only. Return shipping to locations outside the US requires special duties and shipping charges.
To see current return shipping fees for international shipments, click here. (Scroll to the table listing FedEx International Rates.) If you have further questions, please contact CGC Customer Service at 877-NM-COMIC.

What happens if my package is damaged in transit to CGC?

Any damaged, unsealed or poorly sealed packages will be rejected and returned by the shipper. Please securely seal packages with reinforced shipping tape to prevent tampering en route.

Still not finding an answer? Contact CGC Customer Service at 1.877.NM.COMIC, 941 360 3991 or