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CGC Member Benefits

Can I make submissions to other CCG companies?

Yes. Your paid annual membership in the CGC Collectors Society automatically gives you direct submission privileges to Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) and Paper Money Guaranty (PMG). Use your same login information to make submissions within these other companies. Note: This does not apply to the free level of membership.

How do I use my Collectors Society grading credit to submit comics?

The Premium and Elite Collectors Society membership levels offer a grading credit as an additional benefit. This credit is valid for any GRADING tier and will be automatically applied to your submissions until it is used up. There is no need to request that CGC apply this credit. NOTE: This credit cannot be applied to CCS services, shipping or handling.

How do I use my $150 grading credit?

Your $150 grading credit can be applied toward the grading fees of any submission. You may NOT use your $150 credit towards CCS services, shipping or handling.

Does the grading credit I received with my membership have an expiration date?

Yes, any grading credits will expire on the membership expiration date listed in your confirmation email.

Can I submit additional comics on the same invoice as my free grading submission?

Yes! We will apply the credit to your submissions until it is used up.

Can my CGC grading credit be applied to CCS services or any other charges?

No. CGC grading credits can only be applied to CGC grading fees, not shipping, handling, CCS services or any other service.

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