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CGC PreScreen Service

What is PreScreen service?

PreScreening allows you to submit multiple books for grading while requesting that only those that achieve a certain grade or higher are slabbed.

Why would I want to PreScreen my books?

Some collectors may not want to go incur the expense of having a book slabbed if it does not merit a specific grade. PreScreening allows collectors to choose which of their books will be encapsulated post-grading.

How long will it take to have my books certified through PreScreen?

The comic books should be certified at the same turnaround time as the tier submitted. CGC reserves the right to extend the turnaround time for PreScreens to twice the length of the normal turnaround time. This is implemented only at times of high volume because of the extra work that goes into performing the PreScreen.

Can I submit a WalkThrough or Express using PreScreen service?

No. PreScreen service is available with the Value, Modern and Economy tiers. If you have Standard tier submission that you would like to submit for PreScreen, please call to make special arrangements.

Can I use the PreScreen service for CGC Signature Series books?

No, PreScreening services are not available for Signature Series books.

What grade can I request when submitting for PreScreen service?

Your choice, any grade up to 9.8. CGC does not PreScreen for 9.9s & 10s.

What minimum grade should I choose when submitting through PreScreen service?

CGC will accept a PreScreen at any grade level except 9.9 and 10.0. You should choose a minimum grade that meets your collecting needs and goals. The Official CGC Guide to Grading Comics, written by CGC President Matt Nelson, is an excellent resource for learning how to evaluate the condition of comic books.

If I select a PreScreen grade of 9.0, will any of my books grade above 9.0?

If a comic book that is a 9.6 is submitted through a 9.0 PreScreen, the comic book would be certified as a CGC 9.6. The PreScreen grade is simply the minimum grade requested for CGC to certify the comic book, per your instructions. CGC certifies many comics submitted through PreScreen at grades much higher than the PreScreen grade chosen.

How many books are necessary to qualify to send in a PreScreen?

There is no minimum submission requirement to select Grade PreScreen.

I have 100 books that I want to submit through PreScreen. Can I break them up into different PreScreen levels?

Yes. For example, you could submit 25 for an 8.0 PreScreen, 25 for a 8.5 PreScreen, 25 for a 9.0 PreScreen, and 25 for a 9.2 PreScreen. Remember, you can pick any grade you choose.

I have a submission of 25 books that I'd like to send in. Can't I just put the PreScreen grade next to each book because I want a different minimum level for each of them?

No, CGC will accept a PreScreen only when all books on one submission form are for only ONE minimum grade.

What happens if I send in a book for PreScreen service that meets my minimum grade, but has been restored?

It will be certified with a Restored label (purple). In addition, if a comic book meets your minimum grade, but has a page or coupon missing, it will receive a Qualified label (green). The CGC PreScreener assesses only grade during the PreScreening process. The restoration detection expert reviews each book after the PreScreen has occurred. Similarly, a CGC grader verifies page counts after the PreScreen process has occurred.

Will I still get charged grading fees for books that don't meet my PreScreen grade requirement?

Yes. CGC will charge for grading and "reject fees" for books that don't meet your grade requirement, but since those books will not be slabbed there is no encapsulation fee. To see a list of fees click here.

I sent in 50 books through PreScreen and six passed. Will I be charged a reject fee?

In this case, you would be subject to a reject fee. CGC graders had to review a significant number of books from your submission without certifying them. To avoid this outcome, please look at the books that you are submitting very carefully and remove comics that you feel will not meet the PreScreen level. Don't forget to check the back cover as well.

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