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CGC Signature Series Requirements

What signings are approved for the CGC Signature Series?

Most signings are prearranged. Any signing being hosted by CGC, or by a CGC Authorized Facilitator where a CGC witness is in attendance is eligible. This includes comic conventions and public signings, such as those held at comic book stores. In select instances, CGC may accept signed books directly from the signer / publisher.

What if I get the book signed before submitting the book to CGC?

Unfortunately, if the signing is not witnessed by someone authorized by CGC, then the signature cannot be authenticated for the Signature Series label. Certificates of Authenticity, testimonials, photographs, video recordings and any other proof of signing are not accepted.

If I have a signed collectible graded by another grading service, will it receive the CGC Signature Series yellow label?

Signed collectibles in non-CGC holders are NOT eligible for a CGC Signature Series label.

Are restored books eligible for the CGC Signature Series?

Yes. Restored comic books are eligible for the CGC Signature Series Restored label, which is yellow with a purple bar across the top. The degree of restoration and details of the work performed are noted on the label. As with all CGC Signature Series books, the signing must be witnessed by a CGC authorized representative.

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